“Art evolves through the transmission of passion and skill across time”

We are all unique!” is what my students have taught me over the last 12 years.

They taught me to identify their individual inspiration, natural gifts, areas of growth, put theory into practice and which specific skills they need to make the art they love.

I wish you to blossom in your own direction. Students usually request a session to:

  • Learn a specific skill, eg mischtechnik, decalcomania or sfumato
  • Refine a work in progress
  • Revive an artwork they gave up on
  • Mentor an oracle, exhibition or academic thesis
  • Paint astral, psychedelic and spiritual motifs
  • Develop devotional, meditation Bhakti-Art
  • Career planning – pricing, applications, grants, prints, etc

Instructional videos, resources and references are provided to help you develop your area of interest.

NOTE: 2-4 friends can book back-to-back and make an extended small class. They will have a 30 minute break between 1-hour sessions.

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Mentorship & Peer Support Progam

Katia supports a community of painters in her “Visionary Art Atelier” between Ubud and Melbourne. Students at all levels are welcome to apply and are matched by interests and skill levels.  She shares a unique, spiritually oriented painting approach based upon Old Masters techniques refined in her Master of Fine Art.  Her lessons are surprisingly simple tips and tricks for capturing light, realism and beauty.

  • limited to 6 artists with compatible practices
  • held weekly online and in person
  • $120 for 4 x 3-hour sessions
  • by invitation only


Small private groups often invite Katia to their hometown in Ubud, US, Berlin, Devon and Austria! Attendees are carefully curated to ensure all have a great experience with benefits from peer-to-peer learning. Students at all levels are welcome to apply and are matched by interests and skill levels.



  • BALI “Visionary Art Retreat”  2-4 weeks manager/teacher with
    • NFP Art Sabbatical 2022
    • David Heskins & Aloria Weaver 2017
    • Wolfgang Widmoser 2012, 2013, 2016 and 2018
    • Phil Rubinov and Mantra Cora 2014
    • Kuba Fiedorowicz 2011
    • Bonny Hut 2010
  • MELBOURNE “Visionary Art Atelier”  Founder and co-teacher
    • Michael Fuchs 2019
    • Leo Plaw 2016
    • Daniel Mirante 2012, 2018,2020 & 2021
    • Adam Scott Miller 2015
    • Melissa Shemanna 2014
    • Kuba Fiedorowicz 2012
    • Wolfgang Widmoser 2017
  • BYRON BAY teaching alongside Michael Fuchs, Paradise One (2019)
  • BYRON BAY “Vision Quest” teaching alongside Daniel Mirante, Paradise One (2016)
  • BYRON BAY Sacred Feminine Portraiture” 2017
  • AUSTRIA “Old Masters, New Visions” assisting Phil and Mantra  at Mischtechnik Seminar, Payerbach, Austria 2015 & 2016
  • BALI “Eye of the Spirit” student of Prof Rubinov Jacobsen, Peter Gric and De Es Schwertberger, Bali (2013 & 2018)
  • ITALY “Visions in the Mischtechnik” student of Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage and A. Andrew Gonzalez, Italy (2011)
  • UK/BALI/BERLIN/VIENNA  Shared art studios with Anastasia Frank, Shia Weltmadchen and Daniel Mirante, Bali, UK and Australia, 2011 , 2012 & 2016


Visionary Art Atelier, Melbourne